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Post  -Roxas- on Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:48 am

I was browsing online and found these comics.... XD
Snow White
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (unfortunately the person never drew the next chapter..)

Organization's Favorite Months

Xigbar wants a puppy..

If Demyx was Superior

Darn his wee lil' boots...


Random Sketches

Is Everyone here gay?!?

No lying..your gay

What Demyx had for lunch

Got alot of heart

It's my year...

It's Roxas McCartney!


Organization Idol-Axel

Organization Idol-Demyx

Organization Idol-Luxord

Organization Idol-Larxene

Xigbar Report (1)

Xigbar Report (2)

Xigbar Report (3)

Thumb Wrestling



Hey Superior!

Demyx's Hiney

Orange Peel

You Monster

Xemnas Reports ^^

Axel+Roxas "Do you wanna.." can joo find Demyx x3

Okay they found Dem Dem

Demyx+Larxene...Dem Dem needs to learn how to talk to girls >.>

Xiggy and Lux lulz

Bossman & Saix puppy ^^

LOL Zexy

larx and mar!
dude ur ghay

dem, axe, zig
i got it memorized i swear

rox and xig
always wondered about the hair

epic lions

ON SECOND THOUGHT! this is the last one... roxas, haner, and themses. XD ya gotta love haners expression

This is what happens when the Organization has an AIM

Part One.: Demyx + Larxy = love/hate

Part two: Im surprised shes still alive!

Part three: Umm..Random peoples..

Part four: Yo Momma!!

Part five: WTF MANSEX?!?

Part six: Saix fights Xiggy. Demy tries to help but...didnt work out x3

Part six behind the scenes: The fight from Xigbars view. LOL

Part seven: Demy's drag dream while hes unconcious

Part eight: yepp..Soras gay if he dont win this bet

Part nine: Holy crap does VEXEN have one?! >>

Part ten: ........
Uhmm....yeahh..since i dont have a DA i cant give you the link...i guess its censored O_O....but look in the artist' gallery if you wanna see it. ^^

Part eleven (extra part): WASAAAAAAAAAAAP?!?! xD
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