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Best Burns

Post  -Roxas- on Wed May 05, 2010 7:14 am

Characters involved:



*inside Raz's stomach*

"How are we gonna get out of here?" Marluxia says

"Idk Marly...." Larxene says
"Wow Marly and Larxy are really close in there." Xigbar says sneering and F3ing

"Shut it gramps." Larxene says annoyed with a -_- face

" -_- " is all Marluxia said

"Jeez that is my worst nightmare....MarluxiaXxXLarxene." Xigbar said

"Yea I can see guy on girl is your nightmare when you dream about guy on guy." Marluxia said evilly.


"okay that means its Roxas + Namine + Axel then?!?" -Larxene says, confused

"Noo. it goes like this...Roxas dumped Namine for Axel, and he greeted him with open arms...and legs" -Marluxia says all smartly :3

"-__-" is all Roxas could say

"PFFFFT HAHAHAHA Xigbar is the most amazing Memeber in the whole organization OHSHT!!" ..-yeahh Larxy pretty much lost it



Larxene says, "I am such a badass!"

Marluxia says, "No, more like a fatass!"

(now you newer members might not think this simple joke is funny but the original 6 loved this to death when it first came because the joke of the month was Larxene the fatty. that is before she stopped doing jokes WHICH SHE NEEDS TO GET BACK TO DOING. We miss ya larxene and we want ya to start doing jokes again D:)



Larxene says, "Sooo Roxas how have you and Namine been?"

Roxas says annoyed, "Shut it fatty."

Marluxia walks in, "Aw Roxas don't go with Namine you will hurt Axel's feelings."

Roxas says, "Shut it Marly."

Larxene says, "Wait Marly so it goes like this? Roxas + Namine + Axel?" she said confused as usual

Marluxia says, "No smart one it goes like this. Roxas dumped Namine for Axel and Axel accepted Axel with open arms......and legs."

Larxene says, " lmfao XD"

Axel says, " -_- ha ha ha marly."


"; A:!!!" Larxene and Demyx Screamed

"O __O?" Xaldin looked genuinely confused.

Larxene and Demyx Hides behind Xaldin

">8|" Xemnas isnt impressed

"Well uh... uhmm....: Xaldin cant make out a sentance c:

"I See that you're.. uhhh.. on you're Man-period..." Xaldin backs up.

"ill be uhh... going now ^^;" Xaldin Flee's

">:C" Xemnas Turns Xaldin into a Dusk.
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